Waiting Game

First post! Hello, my name is Tom and I started a home studio a couple years ago. I’m not going to start off with all the details of how this began. I prefer to jump in the middle of the stream here and let you catch up as we go along.


Right now I’m working on several projects for clients and had a morning in the middle of arranging demos for one project and mixing another and decided I needed to work on a couple recording hacks to save time. Here’s the issue: I record a lot of ideas on guitar for different styles of music and all the sudden yesterday I felt like I really needed something that would help me quickly get ideas recorded while saving presets and patches for later if my clients wanted that exact sound again. I’d love to have the extra cash to buy a Line 6 Helix or a Kemper modeling amp so I could easily recall sounds that are custom tailored to the vision of my client’s recordings. That’s not happening anytime soon. I realized a better short term-and long term fix for that matter would be running cables and setting up stands with sturdy Shure mics to leave in place: set it and forget it! There are enough patches on my board available via the Line 6 M9 to keep up with my clients for now and I can save time by avoiding setting up mics and keep from tripping over cables by running them along the wall.

Once I’d set everything up I decided I would record a demo to see how I liked the sound and to check for any noise issues. I’ll admit I’m running mic cables parallel to my power source in some instances so I needed to see if that was an audible issue…doubtful it’s a problem here but give my demo a listen and tell me what you think! Here’s a screen shot of my processing.

I called the demo “Waiting Game” because my wife and I have been shopping for a home and she’s been a little frustrated with what we can find at our price point in the area. We’re looking for something with room set aside where we both can run our businesses. To be honest, she feels about 10 years behind schedule on buying a home, I on the other hand have always enjoyed the freedom and lack of responsibility of renting. We had a good, candid talk last night about her frustration and I get it. We’ll keep chugging along and hopefully find something that helps us both continue to the next stage of life and get out of the cycle we both feel we’ve been in for most of our twenties.

Life is good and we’re learning. I couldn’t be happier…maybe I could be but these are some nice stereo tones I got today so that’s a start. Off to the gym to listen to Multitracks for this week’s worship set, decide on parts, and listen to reference track playlists for a new client! I love my job!

Hey by the way, if you are interested in beginning a new music project, need mixing, want mastering, need live sound help, or want an arrangement visit my website!